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National School Lunch Week

National School Lunch Week October 9-13, 2017

Mark your calendar for National #SchoolLunch Week! This year’s theme, “Show Your Spirit,” reminds parents, students and school officials that a healthy school lunch helps students power through the day!

Why is NSLW important?

  • Helps increase program participation.
  • Reminds stakeholders about the importance of a healthy school lunch to kids’ overall health.
  • Provides the opportunity to connect with local media and spread the message that school lunch is healthy.

Let’s Get Started


NSLW 2017 Toolkit

Download the NSLW 2017 toolkit (pdf) for 10+ pages of ideas and resources. The toolkit contains tips and ideas to help you plan a successful campaign.

Merchandise and Products

Find official “School Lunch: Recipes for Success” merchandise when you visit the SNA Emporium at Shop for t-shirts, posters, and more.

To request a catalog or order by phone, you can contact the SNA Emporium by dialing (800) 728-0728.

Certificate of Recognition

“Show Your Spirit” Logo and Artwork

“Show Your Spirit” artwork is a great way to make your NSLW celebration come alive. Use these images on menus, social media, newsletters, and your website*.  A few Facebook cover photos will also be provided! For information on appropriate usage, please contact SNA’s Service Center at (800) 877-8822.

To request artwork and logos, just complete the short online form. You can instantly download the logos, and the links will also be emailed to you.

*Please note that logos are not to be used in the design of any merchandise, or to explicitly, or implicitly endorse a particular product or service. The Emporium is SNA’s sole provider of official association merchandise and materials.

Celebration Ideas


  • Make the cafeteria feel special with signs, banners, balloons, or music.
  • Provide free samples on the lunch line.
  • Work with teachers to make MyPlate, Let’s Move and healthy eating part of the curriculum.
  • Send a letter or email home to parents about NSLW and contact the PTA.
  • Host a special challenge, presentation, or event in the cafeteria.
  • Use special menus during NSLW to highlight all of the healthy options.
  • Rename your menu staples for the week of NSLW to make them more fun.
  • Decorate the cafeteria with photo-themed decorations.
  • Invite local athletes (high school or college) to attend lunch in uniform and eat with the kids!
  • Invite parents to come to the cafeteria for lunch!

Invite Parents to Lunch

Want to convince parents that school lunch has changed since they were in school? Invite them to come experience it themselves!

SNA has teamed up with KIWI magazine for National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day. On Wednesday, October 15, 2016 (or really any day during NSLW that works best for you) we encourage you to host “National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day” and invite parents to attend lunch with their children.

Below is a checklist to help you plan your event, and you can also check out KIWI’s website,, to see their resources for schools and parents.

National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day Checklist

More tips for promoting your program to parents also available in the NSLW 2017 toolkit (pdf)


Share Your Celebration

After NSLW ends, there are plenty of ways to keep the excitement alive.

  • Take photos of your celebrations, your staff, and your special meals during NSLW. Include the images and stories in your school’s newsletter, social media, or website.
  • Post photos in the hallways, on bulletin boards, and in your cafeteria.
  • Survey your students about their favorite special meals and NSLW events. Share your results with parents, teachers, and the community.
  • Get excited for NSLW 2017!

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