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2018-19 Promotion Calendar Available Now!


SN Promotion Calendar 2018-19

Back by popular demand, School Nutrition’s 2018-19 Promotion Calendar is live and available now. We know that it was promised at the end of July (and you have our apologies for the delay); however, our production deadline was extended due to our ambitious plans for this year’s version.

When you download the Promotion Calendar, you will find the calendar includes the great features you’ve come to count on each year. You can download it as individual pages or as a whole document, and of course it includes notable people, dates, celebrations and amazing ideas for your school nutrition operations! Additionally, we’ve been hard at work to give this year’s edition some fun new upgrades, so that you’ll be eager to use it this month and every month during the school year.

The new, improved, redesigned Promotion Calendar can be viewed as single pages or printed and hung as a double-sided flippable wall calendar. The fun graphics and bold colors will brighten your office space as you utilize all the latest highlighted dates and nuanced ideas for building increased participation.

There are dates you already know and love, like Mother’s Day, School Lunch Hero Day, Halloween and March Madness. And there are new dates to share, such as Eid al-Fitr, Bastille Day, Goat Cheese Month and National Compliment Day. What’s more? SN has added a two-page menu planning tool! Plan your activities and timelines using a unique, built-in calendar and accompanying check lists.

Don’t wait another moment! Get started with facts, figures, references, thoughts, suggestions, activities and more—all part of this free member benefit produced by the self-same editorial staff of the monthly magazine you know and love. Visit to download the 2018-19 Promotion Calendar today!


09-18-2018 ~Beat Back-to-School Blues with SNA Webinar Wednesdays! 
09-11-2018 ~SNF Now Accepting Applications for the 2019 Josephine Martin National Policy Fellow!
09-10-2018 ~USDA Responds to SNA Comment on Operations Study
09-07-2018 ~The Cost of Teacher Protests
09-07-2018 ~Promote Your School Lunch Program Beyond the Cafeteria
09-06-2018 ~Read the September 2018 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine
09-05-2018 ~Nominations Open for 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee
09-04-2018 ~Let’s Talk Procurement this Webinar Wednesday! 
08-29-2018 ~SNA Comments on Proposed NSLP and CACFP Record Collection
08-28-2018 ~Farm Aid Package to Include NSLP and SBP Commodities Purchasing
08-27-2018 ~4 Lovely Ways to Start Planning for National School Lunch Week 2018 
08-23-2018 ~Make Someone Famous with the FAME Awards! 
08-23-2018 ~Relive the Best of #ANC18 with Closing Keynote Chef Jeff Henderson
08-21-2018 ~Live Webinar Wednesdays Return Tomorrow!
08-21-2018 ~SNA Survey Reveals Innovative Efforts to Boost Consumption, Curb Waste in School Cafeterias
08-15-2018 ~What Do Parents Think of School Breakfasts? 
08-15-2018 ~Updated SNA PAC PowerPoint Now Available 
08-14-2018 ~Rep. Hartzler Introduces “Local Control of School Lunch Act” 
08-13-2018 ~SNA Important Update: National Member Dues Increase Effective October 1, 2018
08-10-2018 ~Check Out the New Emporium Catalog and #NSLW18 Items!
08-09-2018 ~Interested in Presenting at ANC 2019 in St. Louis? Attend SNA’s Call for Proposals Webinar! 
08-09-2018 ~Go Back to School With the Ethics Training You Need
08-08-2018 ~Best of #ANC18: See What the Buzz is all About 
08-06-2018 ~U.S. Senate Passes FY19 Funding for SBP Commodities
08-02-2018 ~Read the August 2018 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine
07-24-2018 ~Take the Pledge: Meet with Your Legislators This Summer! 
07-20-2018 ~SY 2018 19 Reimbursement Rates for the NSLP, SBP, Special Milk, and CACFP
07-19-2018 ~SNA Regulatory Reform Recommendations
07-18-2018 ~Summer Video Update: See What’s Been Happening at SNA
07-18-2018 ~SNA Provides Comments on USDA Breakfast Study
07-17-2018 ~Calling All Presenters for ANC 2019
07-17-2018 ~The Unique Constraints of Rural School Districts
07-16-2018 ~ANC18: Leaving Las Vegas 
07-12-2018 ~Gay Anderson Installed as 2018-2019 SNA President
07-10-2018 ~SNA HQ To Move in December
07-09-2018 ~ANC Exhibit Hall to Feature Healthy Trends for Student Meals
07-06-2018 ~SNA Election Update
07-05-2018 ~Calling All Ruby Reader Fans
07-04-2018 ~SNA’s E-newsletter Wins at This Year’s AM&P EXCEL Awards
07-03-2018 ~SNA Certificate Program – Professional Growth is Now More Attainable!
07-03-2018 ~The #ANC18 Mobile App Has Your Conference Needs Covered! 
07-02-2018 ~SNA Announces New Members of the 2018-2019 Certificate & Credentialing Governing Council
06-26-2018 ~Nation’s Largest School Nutrition Conference to Offer School Meal Strategies and Solutions
06-25-2018 ~Ruby Reader: Another Red-Letter Year
06-25-2018 ~SNA Membership – On Our Way to 60,000 Members!
06-22-2018 ~U.S. House Passes 2018 Farm Bill
06-19-2018 ~Learn the Nuances of Procurement at ANC
06-15-2018 ~Read the June-July 2018 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine
06-14-2018 ~The Secret to Eating Fruits & Veggies
06-13-2018 ~Expand Your Professional Development and Obtain CEUs Before Summer Break!
06-12-2018 ~School Chefs: Boost Your Culinary Prowess at ANC!
06-11-2018 ~Your Mid-Year Advocacy Update
06-05-2018 ~New Keynote Speaker Announced for ANC
06-04-2018 ~House and Senate Agriculture Appropriations Bills Approved by Committees
05-30-2018 ~Discover the Power of Networking at #ANC18
05-24-2018 ~Congratulations to the #NSBW18 School Breakfast Contest Winners!
05-23-2018 ~2018 Farm Bill Defeated in the U.S. House
05-22-2018 ~Top 4 Reasons to Visit the #ANC18 Exhibit Hall
05-22-2018 ~U.S. House Appropriations Committee Approves $20 Million for SBP Commodities
05-15-2018 ~Join our Upcoming May Webinars!
05-14-2018 ~SNA Announces 2018 National Industry Member of the Year
05-14-2018 ~Read the May 2018 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine
05-11-2018 ~Republican Study Committee Proposes School Meal Block Grant
05-07-2018 ~Congressional Budget Office Releases New Farm Bill Analysis
05-04-2018 ~Thank Your #LunchHeroes Today and Beyond May 4! 
05-03-2018 ~Last Chance for #ANC18 Savings! Early Bird Rates Expire Friday 
05-02-2018 ~Join the School Lunch Hero Day Celebration on May 4!
05-01-2018 ~SNA Celebrates National Award Winners for School Lunch Hero Day (Fri. May 4) 
05-01-2018 ~Read the Spring 2018 Edition of Journal of Child Nutrition & Management 
05-01-2018 ~May Webinar Wednesdays Have Arrived 
04-27-2018 ~Have you experienced the act of someone “Paying it Forward?”
04-26-2018 ~Celebrate School Lunch Hero Day with the Gift of Membership
04-24-2018 ~Guess What Bright Star is Coming to #ANC18? 
04-23-2018 ~Call for Nominations: Shape the Future of the SNS and Certificate Programs
04-20-2018 ~U.S. House Agriculture Committee Approves Farm Bill 
04-19-2018 ~Enough of the April Showers…Bring on the May Early Bird! 
04-17-2018 ~All Ages Can Celebrate School Lunch Hero Day!
04-17-2018 ~SNA 2018 Election Investigation Update
04-16-2018 ~Read the April 2018 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine
04-13-2018 ~April is National Autism Awareness Month
04-11-2018 ~School Nutrition Equipment Grant
04-10-2018 ~Suit Up for SNA Industry Boot Camp 
04-06-2018 ~Hiring Flexibility Under Professional Standards: Call for Comments
04-03-2018 ~April Webinar Wednesdays Have us Thinking About Spring Greens!
04-03-2018 ~New Funding for Nutrition Programs in Omnibus Spending Bill 
04-02-2018 ~Virtual Expo18 Highlights: 2,000+ Visitors and 10 Lucky Winners
03-30-2018 ~Recognize Your #LunchHeroes on School Lunch Hero Day! 
03-29-2018 ~Professional Development and ANC 2018 Scholarships to Enhance Your Profession
03-28-2018 ~“Eggciting” Breakfast Program Grants Available
03-23-2018 ~Georgia Director Wins IFMA Silver Plate 
03-22-2018 ~What You Need to Know About Earning Your SNA Certificate in School Nutrition 
03-20-2018 ~As Winter Winds Down, Spring Up with Webinar Wednesdays
03-16-2018 ~Important SNA 2018 Election Update 
03-16-2018 ~March and April STEPS Challenge “Go Lean with Protein”- Are You Up for the Challenge?
03-15-2018 ~Advance Your Professional Development with Our New Online Ethics Course
03-14-2018 ~See What’s New at SNA in New Video 
03-13-2018 ~#ANC18 to Feature Actress Kristin Chenoweth and Chef Jeff Henderson 
03-12-2018 ~Congratulations to All the Winners in the 2018 SNA Election! 
03-09-2018 ~New Editor Named for the Journal of Child Nutrition & Management
03-08-2018 ~This St. Patty’s, Who Needs Luck When You Have Webinar Wednesdays? 
03-07-2018 ~SNA’s 46th Annual Legislative Action Conference Highlights
03-06-2018 ~Time is running out to visit the Virtual Expo! 
03-05-2018 ~Schools to Celebrate National School Breakfast Week (March 5-9) 
03-02-2018 ~New Leadership Elected for SNA!
03-02-2018 ~#LAC18: Latest News and Updates 
03-01-2018~School Nutrition Professionals to Urge Congress for Support
02-26-2018 ~LAC School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) Credentialing Prep Course Pre-Con
02-23-2018 ~School Meal Block Grants: How Much Would You Lose? 
02-20-2018 ~Announcing the #NSBW18 Breakfast Contest! 
02-16-2018 ~Attend ANC 2018 with a First-Timer Scholarship! 
02-16-2018 ~Simple Tech Tools from Your Nerdy Best Friend
02-15-2018 ~Cast Your Vote in the SNA Election 
02-14-2018~The School Nutrition Foundation (SNF) Announces 2018 Josephine Martin National Policy Fellow!
02-09-2018 ~Just TWO Months Left to Apply for Professional Development Scholarships 
02-08-2018 ~Read the February 2018 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine
02-07-2018 ~Virtual Expo 2018 Now Open—Get In On the Action This Week! 
02-06-2018 ~Punxsutawney Phil Says 6 More Weeks of Winter Webinars!
02-05-2018 ~ANC 2018: SNA’s Call for Posters – Bonus Opportunity
02-05-2018 ~USDA Launches Food Buying Guide Mobile App
02-01-2018 ~Countdown to SNA’s 2018 Annual Election! 
02-01-2018 ~LAC 2018: Regular Rate Ends Friday, Plus Check Out Our Webinar and Pre-Cons! 
01-26-2018 ~Contest Deadline Extended! Submit Your Ruby Reader Photos by January 31!
01-26-2018 ~Last Chance: Submit Your Comments to USDA on School Meal Rule!
01-24-2018 ~SNA’s New Online Ethics Module is Now Available! 
01-24-2018 ~School Nutrition Puzzles Were Solved at #SNIC18
01-23-2018 ~Stay Current on Upcoming Winter Webinars
01-21-2018 ~Record Attendance at #SNIC18
01-19-2018 ~SN Promotion Calendar: Lewis Carroll’s Birthday (Jan. 27) 
01-19-2018 ~SNIC 2018: Lodging Advisory & Important Information 
01-16-2018 ~SNF to Honor Five National 2018 School Nutrition Heroes
01-12-2018 ~SNA Member 2018 Position Paper Resources 
01-11-2018 ~SNA Releases 2018 Position Paper 
01-11-2018 ~STEP Small & Spread Some Love
01-11-2018 ~New Upcoming Webinars for the New Year! 
01-10-2018 ~SNF Now Accepting Applications for Professional Development Scholarships!
01-09-2018 ~LAC 2018 Early Registration Extended: Check Out Our Keynotes and Register Now!
01-09-2018 ~Register Now to Attend SNA’s Spring Industry Boot Camp 
01-03-2018 ~Keys to Excellence: New Logo & Updated Best Practices
12-22-2017 ~SNA Office Will Be Closed for the Holidays 
12-22-2017 ~Warm Up to Winter with “Webinar Wednesday’s!
12-21-2017 ~Last Call for LAC & ANC Conference Scholarship Applications!
12-21-2017 ~Tis the Season—Recognize a Colleague! 
12-20-2017 ~Is SNF On Your Gift List? 
12-19-2017 ~Get Ready to Experience the Future at SNA’s Virtual Expo!
12-18-2017 ~SNF Now Accepting Applications for the Josephine Martin National Policy Fellow! 
12-14-2017 ~Take Ruby Reader Wherever You Roam! 
12-13-2017 ~Back to School Membership Drive Winners!
12-11-2017 ~National Ugly Christmas-Holiday Sweater Day (December 15)
12-08-2017 ~#LAC18 Registration Now Open—Join Us! 
12-06-2017 ~#SNIC18 Closing Keynote Kaplan Mobray Offers Sneak Peek in New Video
12-06-2017 ~STEP Lightly Into 2018! 
12-05-2017 ~Help Us Reach the Goal of 60,000 Members!
12-01-2017 ~Applications Now Being Accepted for ANC Conference Scholarships & Winston Foodservice Equipment Grant 
11-30-2017 ~SNA Asking Members to Provide Input for Strategic Planning 
11-29-2017 ~SNA Comments on USDA School Meal Rule 
11-28-2017 ~Support SNF Today on #GivingTuesday 
11-28-2017 ~SNA President Addresses 2020 DGA Listening Session 
11-28-2017 ~Register Now for the Last Webinar Wednesdays Event of the Year!
11-22-2017 ~Give Thanks on #GivingTuesday
11-22-2017 ~SNF $1,500 Scholarships Available to Attend LAC!
11-21-2017 ~Shop SNA Emporium for Your Holiday Gifts—and Support School Nutrition 
11-21-2017 ~Your End-of-the-Year Advocacy Update! 
11-21-2017 ~#SNIC18: Top Five Reasons to Attend 
11-20-2017 ~Submissions for LAC 2018 Sweepstakes Due Nov. 27
11-17-2017 ~Fall Issue of the JCN&M Now Available
11-16-2017 ~Second Annual Virtual Expo Features Expanded Sessions
11-09-2017 ~Read the November 2017 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine
10-31-2017 ~2018 FAME Award Winners Announced
10-27-2017 ~Get a Sneak Peek at #SNIC18 Keynote Erik Qualman in This New Video
10-25-2017 ~Enter SNA’s Sweepstakes to Win Free Trip to LAC
10-24-2017 ~SNA Announces Candidate Slate for 2018 Election 
10-23-2107 ~Four SNIC Pre-Conference Workshops Offer Multiple Choices to Extend Your Learning 
10-23-2017 ~Fall Into a Season of Engaging Webinars
10-20-2017 ~SNF $1,500 Scholarships Available to Attend SNIC! 
10-20-2017 ~Share Your #NSLW17 “Recipes for Success” 
10-18-2017 ~Apples4Ed $10,000 Grant for Healthy Snacking!
10-10-2017 ~Fall Into a Season of Exciting and Engaging Webinars
10-09-2017 ~SNA Celebrates #NSLW With New NDC Engagement Video 
10-05-2017 ~Nominate a School Nutrition Hero 
10-05-2017 ~Read the October 2017 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine 
10-04-2017 ~New SNA Survey Finds More Choices & Bold Flavors on School Menus
10-03-2017 ~FAME Awards Deadline Extended
09-28-2017 ~2018 Celebration of School Nutrition Heroes: Call for Nominations
09-27-2017 ~Join the Fight to Reduce Food Waste: 2016-17 SCrAP Participants Receive Awards
09-27-2017 ~Hunger Threatens Most Low-Income Families 
09-22-2017 ~Connect the Pieces at #SNIC18: Registration is Now Open!
09-22-2017 ~Action Alert: Ask Your Members of Congress to Support School Breakfast Commodities! 
09-20-2017 ~SNA Releases 2017-18 Promotion Calendar

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