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SNA’s “Best of #ANC17” webinar series brings you three highly rated sessions from the summer conference. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in USDA’s “Modifications to Accommodate Disabilities” and USDA’s “Flexibilities in School Meal Programs!” Also in September, don’t miss “Seafood: It’s Time to Catch On!”

Click on the links below to learn more about each webinar and check the SNA webinar page for new webinars.

Take part in SNA's Webinar Wednesdays Best of #ANC17 1 of 3: USDA Hot Topics: Modifications to Accommodate Disabilities
2:00 pm ET on Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Register for this webinar for important updates to requirements related to accommodating children with disabilities participating in the School Meal Programs.
Successful completion of the webinar and quiz is awarded 1 SNA CEU, or 1 CPEU for RDs/DTRs.

Take part in SNA's Webinar Wednesdays Seafood: It’s Time to Catch On!
2:00 pm ET on Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Join three K-12 Chef/RDN’s for one hour of the school of fish as we share the nutritional benefits of seafood, recipe concepts for school meal programs, and how to get the next generation of children eating Gen Z-food.
Successful completion of the webinar and quiz is awarded 1 SNA CEU, or 1 CPEU for RDs/DTRs.

Take part in SNA's Webinar Wednesdays Best of #ANC17 2 of 3: USDA Hot Topics: Flexibilities in the School Meal Programs
2:00 pm ET on Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Learn about recent changes to the school meal pattern requirements and other guidance related to the school meal programs.
Successful completion of the webinar and quiz is awarded 1 SNA CEU, or 1 CPEU for RDs/DTRs.

Registration Opening Soon!

10/11/2017, 2:00 pm ET: Community Eligibility: Strategies to Improve Your ISP
10/18/2017, 2:00 pm ET: National Peanut Board
11/1/2017, 2:00 pm ET: The Watermelon Board
11/8/2017, 2:00 pm ET: Best of #ANC17: USDA Hot Topic: Unscrambling Offer vs. Serve


09-15-2017 ~SNA Members Undeterred by Disaster
09-14-2017 ~SNF Now Accepting Applications for the 2018 Josephine Martin National Policy Fellow! 
09-13-2017 ~Gather Your Ingredients for NSLW17 
09-12-2017 ~Help SNF Unlock Vital Funding 
09-12-2017 ~Reps. McGovern & Davis Introduce “Healthy Breakfasts Help Kids Learn Act”
09-07-2017 ~School Nutrition: Snacks & Suppers 
09-01-2017 ~USDA Responds Quickly in States Hit by Hurricane, Flooding
08-31-2017 ~SNA-SNF Responds to Hurricane Devastation
08-30-2017 ~Institute of Child Nutrition Gains and Grows 
08-24-2017 ~JCN&M Study Evaluates Team Up Pilot Workshops
08-23-2017 ~Call for 2018 SNA Election Nominations 
08-22-2017 ~Promote Your School Nutrition Program with Tools from SNA
08-21-2017 ~SNA Touts Healthy School Meals at Back to School Time
08-21-2017 ~STEPS Challenge Returns for 6th Year 
08-16-2017 ~Meet SNA President Lynn Harvey in the August 2017 Issue of School Nutrition
08-15-2017 ~SNA Member Crowned Next Food Network Star 
08-15-2017 ~SNA Submits Comments on Federal Register Notices
08-10-2017 ~Taste Testing at High School Increased Selection of Local Sweet Potatoes says JCN&M Study 
08/08/2017 ~SNA Important Update: Certificate Program Fees Increase Effective October 1, 2017 
08-07-2017 ~Do You Know Anyone Deserving of a FAME Award? 
08-04-2017 ~Share Your Thoughts: Comment on Regulatory Simplification 
08-02-2017 ~Register Now to Attend SNA’s Fall Industry Boot Camp
07-28-2017 ~School Nutrition Dietetic Professionals Achieve CPEUs for Passing SNS 
07-28-2017 ~See What Sizzled at ANC 2017: Check Out the Photos and Presentations Now 
07-28-2017 ~USDA Releases Reimbursement Rates
07-27-2017~Your Mid-Year Advocacy Update
07-27-2017 ~Lessons Learned from JCN&M Study Could Benefit Future Farm Stand Studies 
07-26-2017 ~SNA: Working for You!
07-26-2017 ~Bridging the Gap – Getting You to Where You Want to Be Professionally 
07-21-2017 ~Calling All Presenters for ANC 2018
07-19-2017 ~Exhibitors Turn the Tables on Hunger Post-ANC
07-13-2017 ~U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue Addresses ANC 2017 Attendees 
07-13-2017 ~JCN&M Study Explores Food Safety Practices in SFSPs 
07-13-2017 ~It Was All About Hot Topics and Cool Connections at #ANC17
07-12-2017 ~Lynn Harvey Named 2017-2018 President of the School Nutrition Association 
07-12-2017 ~SNA Hosts Listening Session with U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue
07-10-2017 ~ANC 2017 Blasts Off with Astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly, Award Winners and a Jam-Packed Exhibit Hall 
07-09-2017 ~SNA Recognizes School Nutrition Professionals for Extraordinary Achievements
07-07-2017 ~School Nutrition Professionals to Preview Foods, Resources & Equipment 
07-06-2017 ~U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to Meet with School Nutrition Professionals at SNA’s Annual National Conference
07-03-2017 ~Keynote Speakers Mark and Scott Kelly Deliver the Right Stuff to ANC
06-30-2017 ~Student Competition Leads the Way to Providing Healthy and Tasty School Meals 
06-29-2017 ~JCN&M Study Investigates Benefits and Barriers to Implementation of School Gardens 
06-28-2017 ~Largest School Nutrition Event to Feature Cafeteria Solutions
06-28-2017 ~SNA Launches the Allergy Resource Center for School Nutrition Professional 
06-27-2017 ~First Year Initiative Shakes Up School Nutrition Throughout Georgia 
06-23-2017 ~To Meet New Federal Requirements, Two Studies Show How to Implement, Evaluate and Report Information
06-20-2017 ~How to Make the Most of Your Trip to ANC in Atlanta 
06-15-2017 ~Combining Fresh Fruit and Veggies as One Lunch Selection Can Increase Veggie Consumption Says JCN&M Study
06-15-2017 ~SNA Updated State Meal Mandates and Reimbursement Rates Summary Available
06-14-2017 ~SNF Teams-Up with AmazonSmile to Help Support Foundation Initiatives
06-13-2017 ~ANC Program Co-Chairs Share Tips on How You Can Get the Most Out of ANC
06-08-2017 ~Headed to Hotlanta for #ANC17? Join Us for An Informative Webinar!
06-07-2017 ~Attendees Find Going to ANC the First-Time was an Experience of a Lifetime
06-01-2017 ~JCN&M Study Shows How Going Online Will Improve Accuracy in Free or Reduced Price Meal Applications 
05-31-2017 ~How to Attract Students to Healthier Options Using Good Taste and Appearance
05-30-2017 ~Nationally Renowned Speaker Dave Weber Helps Discover the Leader in You 
05-26-2017 ~Small District Director Finds You Are Always on Top After Earning an SNS
05-25-2017 ~School Nutrition Professional Recognized with National Industry Member of the Year Award
05-25-2017 ~VIDEO: Secretary Perdue and Representative Aderholt Discuss School Nutrition
05-24-2017 ~How the Power of Networking at ANC Keeps Members Coming Back Each Year 
05-24-2017 ~ICN to Launch NEW eLearning Portal 
05-23-2017 ~Make Your Plans to Attend the Member Section Meetings at ANC
05-22-2017 ~Gimme Some Feedback: Preventing Conflicts Through Constructive Feedback 
05-16-2017 ~Exhibit Hall Tips for #ANC17 
05-16-2017 ~Management, Nutrition, Food Safety and Techniques to Improve School Nutrition Operations Top the Issues in the Latest Issue of JCN&M
05-15-2017 ~SNA is Recognized as Partner of the Year by the National Farm to School Network 
05-12-2017 ~When Just Getting to the Exam Location Was the Hardest Part of Passing the SNS 
05-11-2017 ~In Memory of Dorothy “Dot” Pannell-Martin
05-09-2017 ~ANC Rolls out the Red Carpet for Outstanding Contributors to the Profession 
05-08-2017 ~Share Your Thoughts: Increasing Verification Response Rate
05-03-2017 ~SNF Announces Grandview School District as the 2017 Baxter Equipment for Education Grant Winner
05-03-2017 ~Get Ready to Learn and Laugh at “The Winner in You” Targeted Session at ANC 
05-02-2017 ~SNA Celebrates National Award Winners for School Lunch Hero Day (Fri. May 5) 
05-02-2017 ~Nothing Quite Like Bringing Employees to ANC
05-01-2017 ~SNA Commends USDA in Supporting Practical Flexibility to Benefit School Meal Programs and Students 
04-28-2017 ~When Earning an SNS Was the Second Choice but Ultimately, the Best Choice
04-26-2017~Directors Find Something at ANC to Come Back to Every Year
04-26-2017 ~In a World of Many Challenges, Learn How to Keep Your Promises Made 
04-25-2017 ~SNA Welcomes Confirmation of USDA Secretary Perdue 
4-20-2017 ~SNA Fills Board Vacancy 
04-18-2017 ~Pre-Conference Workshops Are a Great Way to Start Your ANC Experience in Atlanta 
04-17-2017 ~Congratulations to All the Winners in the 2017 SNA Election! 
04-14-2017 ~You’re Never Too Experienced to Earn an SNS 
04-14-2017 ~New Offsite Pre-Conference Workshop Added at #ANC17
04-13-2017 ~SNA PR Campaign: New SLHD & Summer-Themed Shareable Content 
04-11-2017 ~SNA Comments on “School Lunch Shaming” 
04-11-2017 ~SNA Talks Trash at ANC in Atlanta 
04-11-2017 ~SNA and Barilla Present Whole Grain Pasta Meals That Rock Webinar 
04-07-2017 ~Chairman Pat Roberts Sends Letter to USDA Seeking Flexibility in School Meals 
04-05-2017 ~SNA Advocates Are Empowered, Informed and Excited! 
04-04-2017 ~If You Want to Grow Yourself Professionally, ANC 2017 in Atlanta is Where You Want to Be
04-03-2017 ~Register for SNA’s April 5 Webinar on the Versatility of Potatoes
04-02-2017 ~SNA to Fill Board Vacancy 
03-31-2017 ~Even with Years of Professional Experience, a Registered Dietitian Finds Value in Earning an SNS
03-30-2017 ~School Nutrition Professionals to Call on Congress to Protect School Meals 
03-30-2017 ~ANC in Atlanta is the Perfect Place to Invest in Your Professional Development 
03-29-2017 ~If Given the Chance: What Would You Say to Your U.S. Senator or Congressman? 
03-29-2017 ~SNA Releases 2017 Little Big Fact Book 
03-29-2017 ~#NSBW17 Instagram Photo Challenge: The Results Are In!
03-27-2017 ~Your Association: Please Complete a 10 Minute Survey
03-24-2017 ~SNA’s 1-800 Phone Number Not Working 
03-24-2017 ~Register Now for SNA’s Upcoming Spring Webinars!
03-22-2017 ~Who Are Millennials? Learn How to Bridge the Generational Gap and Hire More Young Adults 
03-21-2017 ~March Madness: SNA Can’t Miss March Webinars Are a Slam Dunk 
03-16-2017 ~SNS Updates: New Exam Launching in July and Revised Study Guide Available 
03-15-2017 ~Making Connections with Your Senator or U.S. Representative on Capitol Hill 
03-14-2017 ~Betti Wiggins Wins IFMA 2017 Silver Plate Award 
03-14-2017 ~An Evening to Remember: Order Your Tickets for the 2017 Celebration of School Nutrition Heroes 
03-13-2017 ~Breakfast in the Classroom Funding Available from Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom 
03-10-2017 ~New SNF Executive Director Strikes a Note for School Nutrition 
03-10-2017 ~Upcoming Food Allergy Webinar: Discussing the Science Behind the Facts 
03-08-2017 ~2017 Fuel Up to Play 60 School Nutrition Equipment Grant
03-08-2017 ~SN Express…Every Week, Directly to You 
03-07-2017 ~JCN&M Study Finds Intervention from Teachers, Increased Elementary School Student’s Fruit and Vegetable Snack Consumption by 33% 
03-06-2017 ~NSBW 2017 Has Arrived! Are You Up for the Challenge? 
03-06-2017 ~Virtual Expo: Don’t Miss Upcoming “Live Days” 
03-06-2017 ~SNA Member Resources for the 2017 Position Paper 
03-03-2017 ~SNA Professional Development Webinars Continue with Five E-Learning Opportunities this Month 
03-02-2017 ~SNA Releases 2017 Position Paper 
03-02-2017 ~SNA Announces 2017 Election Results 
03-01-2017 ~How to Make Your Voice Heard at Your State Capitol 
03-01-2017 ~Can YOU Survive SNA’s Spring Industry Boot Camp?
02-28-2017 ~Attend ANC 2017 with a First-Timer Scholarship!
02-27-2017 ~Schools to Celebrate National School Breakfast Week (March 6-10) 
02-27-2017 ~What’s in a Name? Barenaked Ladies to Perform at ANC 2017
02-24-2017 ~Let’s Go to the Tape! 
02-24-2017 ~SNA Election: Time is Running Out to Cast Your Vote!
02-24-2017 ~Celebrate Mardi Gras at Your School Cafeteria
02-23-2017 ~No Matter How Much Experience She Has, Lexi Edwards Still Finds SNA Certificate Valuable
02-22-2017 ~Last Minute Tools and Resources for Your #NSBW17 Celebration 
02-21-2017 ~Hot Topics in School Nutrition – What Tools Does SNA Have for You? 
02-17-2017 ~Don’t Miss SNA Webinars Scheduled for February and March 
02-16-2017 ~Report: School Breakfast Participation Grows at Steady Pace 
02-15-2017 ~Cast Your Vote in the SNA Election 
02-14-2017 ~SNF Baxter Equipment Grant – Space Still Left!
02-13-2017 ~Annual Fund: SNF Awards Seven States Dollars Back for State Scholarships
02-10-2017 ~Warm Up Your Winter with SNA’s Upcoming Hot Topic Webinars! 
02-09-2017 ~SNA Certificate Helped Luis Angel Morales-Salazar Decide to Become a Child Nutrition Manager 
02-08-2017 ~ANC 2017: Hot Topics and Cool Connections Await, Registration is Now Open!
02-08-2017 ~JCN&M Study Concludes FTS Activities Differ at Schools Depending on Management Style and Length of Participation
02-07-2017 ~Read the February 2017 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine
01-31-2017 ~SNA’s 2017 Virtual Expo is Happening Now! 
01-27-2017 ~Learn to Capture Your Students’ Taste Buds with Upcoming SNA Webinar
01-27-2017 ~Voice Your Opinion on SNA Legislative Priorities!
01-26-2017 ~Earning an SNA Certificate, Allowed Tammy Posey to Take Her Career to the Next Level
01-25-2017 ~Innovation Reigned Supreme at SNIC 2017
01-23-2017 ~SNIC 2017 Kicks Off, Innovation Underway!
01-19-2017 ~SNA Statement on Selection of USDA Secretary 
01-19-2017 ~SNA Leaders Meet with Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Stabenow 
01-17-2017 ~Latest JCN&M Study Provides Roadmap for Successful Implementation of School Salad Bar 
01-17-2017 ~Read the January 2017 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine
01-13-2017 ~SNA’s 2017 Webinars to Kick Off with Best of #SNIC17 Series
01-12-2017 ~SNA Level Certificate Allows Paula Gualtieri to Enhance Her Professional Image
01-12-2017 ~In Memory of SNA Past President Nancye Perry
01-11-2017 ~SNA President Invited to Provide Input on Dietary Guidelines
01-10-2017 ~SNA Blog Features School Nutrition Successes
01-09-2017~Sign Up Today for SNA’s Spring Industry Boot Camp! 
01-06-2017 ~USDA Releases Memo Outlining Flexibility for Target 2 Sodium Requirements for 2017-18 
01-05-2017 ~SNF to Honor Five National School Nutrition Heroes
01-05-2017 ~SNF Announces 2017 Josephine Martin National Policy Fellow
12-29-2016 ~SNA Member Wins Food Network’s Season 3 Holiday Baking Championship
12-21-2016 ~Online Registration for LAC 2017 is Now Open! 
12-20-2016 ~NEW Scholarship Opportunities to Attend SNA National Conferences!
12-19-2016 ~SNA 2017 Webinar Wednesdays to Offer CDR Credit for Credentialed Practitioners 
12-16-2016 ~Register Now for the Last Webinar Wednesdays Event of the Year! 
12-15-2016 ~SNA STEPS Challenge: Small Steps…BIG Leaps! 
12-14-2016 ~Nominate a Colleague You Admire for an SNA Award! 
12-14-2016 ~In Memory of SNA Past President Sue Greig
12-13-2016 ~ANC 2017 General Session Speakers Announced
12-13-2016 ~SNA Webinar Wednesdays: Bring Healthier Afterschool Meals to Your Schools
12-12-2016 ~SNF Raises $6,427 on Giving Tuesday 
12-08-2016 ~Reauthorization: Looking Back & Looking Forward 
12-08-2016 ~A Sneak Peek at the 115th Congress 
12-06-2016 ~Blend It, Flip It, Top It, Wrap It, Stuff It, & Customize It! 
12-06-2016 ~Enter SNA’s Sweepstakes to Win Free Trip to LAC! 
12-05-2016 ~Requesting USDA Candidate Suggestions! 
11-30-2016 ~Top Reasons to Attend SNIC 2017 
11-29-2016 ~Today is Giving Tuesday: Join the Global Giving Movement
11-23-2016 ~SNA STEPS Challenge: Put the Happy in Happy Holidays! 
11-23-2016 ~Seeking Candidates for USDA Nominees! 
11-22-2016 ~Seven Reasons to Donate on Giving Tuesday 
11-16-2016 ~Inclusive & Accessible eLearning
11-15-2016 ~Tell Others About Giving Tuesday 
11-15-2016 ~Register Now for SNA’s New Virtual Expo
11-14-2016 ~SNA Announces Process for Nominating USDA Political Appointees 
11-14-2016 ~SNIC Early Bird Registration Deadline Extended to Friday, November 18! 
11-10-2016 ~SN Operations Examined in New Report 
11-09-2016 ~Calling All School Nutrition Pros to SNA’s New Virtual Expo 
11-09-2016 ~2017 FAME Award Winners Announced 
11-09-2016 ~SNA Remembers Tami Cline 
11-08-2016 ~The Right to Choose is as American as Apple Pie
11-08-2016 ~Read the November 2016 Issue of School Nutrition Magazine
11-04-2016 ~Take a Sneak Peek at SNIC’s Dynamic Speakers! 
11-04-2016 ~How Did Your School Lunch Spirit Shine?
11-02-2016 ~SNA Webinar Wednesdays: Learn How to Develop an Online Application
11-01-2016 ~Share an “Unselfie” and Promote Giving Tuesday
10-31-2016 ~SNA Election Slate Candidates Announced
10-27-2016 ~Online Giving Continues to Grow
10-26-2016 ~Putting the Procurement Pieces Together 
10-25-2016 ~Hurry! Submission Deadline for the Josephine Martin National Policy Fellow is November 15 
10-24-2016 ~Last Week for Nominations of School Nutrition Heroes for 2017
10-21-2016 ~Join SNA & USDA to Celebrate National Farm to School Month!
10-20-2016 ~Be a Part of the Solution to Reducing Food Waste 
10-20-2016 ~Share Your Patriotic Photo and Be Entered to Win a FREE Trip to LAC 2017
10-19-2016 ~What’s the Big Deal About Gluten-Free?
10-18-2016 ~Earn 2 More CEUs with October Webinars!
10-17-2016 ~Mangia! Mangia! It’s Pasta Month 
10-13-2016 ~Help Identify the SNF 2017 School Nutrition Heroes
10-12-2016 ~SNA is Celebrating National School Lunch Week
10-11-2016 ~CNR: The Year in Review 
10-11-2016 ~Intrigue Your Students to Eat the Most Important Meal of the Day! 
10-07-2016 ~SNA National Survey Reveals Increased Efforts to Promote Healthy Choices
10-07-2016 ~SNF Accepting Applications for the Josephine Martin National Policy Fellow
10-03-2016 ~FAME Deadline Extended – Act Now!
09-27-2016 ~SNIC 2017: Shades of Innovation
09-26-2016 ~Sign Up Now for SNA’s Fall Industry Boot Camp! 
09-19-2016 ~SNA Launches New PR Campaign  

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